How to doodle…on a Lamborghini!

You always wanted to know how to doodle on your Lamborghini, didn’t you?! Well VOD Cars’ photostream on Flickr has the answer!

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how to doodle on a car














I wonder how many black Sharpie markers that used up? How many hours?

I cannot say that I think this project would have been stress free or relaxing. I think this would have been an exercise in how to make doodling a stressfull activity! This is not a technique for management of stress at all! Unless perhaps you count the release of having finished and not having messed it up. Sort of like the relief of stopping hitting your head!

Stress relief tip – don’t try this on your car!

I love the finished look though and I wonder if I could pull that off on a car I have – obviously not a lamborghini! hmmmmm. If you have doodled on your car – please do show me a picture!! What was the response you got from the people around you? Did you like the finished effect? Do you have any recommendations?

What else have you doodled on? What is the oddest thing you have doodled on?

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2 Responses to How to doodle…on a Lamborghini!

  1. karenp says:

    Hi Zach, thanks for the link – I would love to see it. Fb says it is unavailable to me, however. Do you have another link perhaps?

  2. zach markell says:

    i am a doodling veteran i guess you can say ive done alot on a varity of media but my best would have to be on a tux.. here a link to my fb where i have some things ive done!/media/set/?set=a.139599976076069.13050.100000782010097&type=3 . u might have to be my friend to check em out tho. But the tux is worth checkn out.. email me if u have trouble looking at it

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