ArtTherapy at its best – the weekly doodle monster:

Well, that took two weeks to do and recover from…but the monster is baaaaack!


If you read the blog on how to avoid travel stress, and I mention that we are doing renovations, then you will understand why it took me so long to find my groove again! I was doodling for my own arttherapy and stressrelief and not even thinking of filming it. But this was a cool doodle and I had a heap of fun doing it. While I was doing that however, my daughter was doodling on my back in permanent marker! Brat!

arttherapy rose tattooJust looking at this picture makes me feel that I should mention that I was wearing a halter-neck top….yes, really!

Anyway – back to the monster – he needs a really funky latin name – suggestions??

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