Doodling for meaning! Look at Candy Chang make it happen!

I love this idea!! How can we start such a thing going in our own homes and communities?

Let me know what you think about it!

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Doodling games: catch a snail and graffitti it!

Doodling games have arrived!

Here is how you play this one:

Go out in to the garden or a nearby garden. Hunt about until you find a snail.

Bring said snail back to the house where it is warm enough for you and your paints and pens. Of course that will make it warm enough for the snail to be active too. Let it wear itself out wandering around your kitchen while you mock up several designs that would fit your garden’s decorating scheme AND this specific snail’s shell. Curvilinear design will probably suit most snail shells more than the very blocky and linear versions. Of course I am quite happy to be proven wrong!

doodling games - image found on

Gather all your art supplies in one place. Make sure that your workspace is clear and protected. (You really don’t want snail goo all over your table!)

Ready, Set, Snag Snail and Go!

Doodle on your snail!

Now send me the pictures!!!

This is one doodling game ya gotta play!!

Here is another snail doodle game….

Approach this one with caution. Certain chemicals maybe harmful to your pet snail.

So here is the basic idea – get some good paper and perhaps some water colour paint. Finger paint may work as well.

Step 1. Snag your snail.

Step 2. Pour a small puddle of paint onto the paper.

Hint – if you choose to pour the paint to one side of the page (about 1/3 over) your snail art will be more pleasing to the eye.

Step 3.  Set snail down in paint pointing towards the center of the page.

Step 4. Pour another two puddles of interesting colours and make sure that your snail does make it through all three. Best if it goes through each several times. You can bribe it with a tiny trail of sugar.

Step 5. Wash your snail.

Step 6. Let your creation dry.

Step 7. Take photographs of this doodling game and send them to me!!  Better still send me the video!!

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Top 5 Stress Management Tips for the Festive Season

Happy Christmas, Visa!!

The Stress of Holiday Spending

management of stress and spending at christmasTis the season…to be overdrawn and stressed out and scrambling to make all the ends meet. Finding the perfect gift, even if it is overpriced, is essential to experiencing all that the holidays have to offer. Spending money on gimmicks and novelty items you would normally never purchase is par for the course during the month of December. In fact it is almost part of the charm; until you get your credit card statement. When the tinsel settles and the eggnog sours the credit card companies come a calling.

Christmas overspending can reach epic highs resulting in tumultuous lows that evoke Scrooge attitudes and turn a potentially splendid holiday into a dreaded chore. Rather than give into the hype that spikes stress levels to dangerous highs, tuck away the credit card and approach the season with a plan that does not include Visa celebrating at your expense.

So here are Five Tips on Surviving the Holiday Season: Continue reading

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Management of stress tips and Doodles and Dog Training # 6

How does training a dog to do tricks relate to managment of stress or my doodling?

dog training, management of stress and how to doodleWell one obvious answer if I can get my dog to “Leave it!” when chewing my new micron 0.03 marker that will be a huge step towards management of stress is my house and my ability to carry on doodling!


So here is the info on how to train your pup to do tricks….

Start with the basics – sit, stay, down and for Heaven’s sake Leave it!

Train in short bursts – overdoing it will exhaust both of you.

Train one trick at a time – confusion results if you do several.

Have compassion – for  your pup and for you!

These are all useful ideas for management of stress when trying to train the people around you and even….yourself! Pick one simple thing to master, celebrate all the small victories on the way and do it with compassion. Then pick the next small step to take.

True for doodling – you cannot take on the entire Wall of China but you can take on one square inch at a time. Celebrate that inch and then do the next.

Putting yourself in a position to win in an extremely powerful technique for getting things done and having fun while doing it!

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Doodling Games: how to doodle a cat…

I’m baaaaack!

I am back at it – recording the doodles. I did 5 this week! This one is my fav so far.

I just love the “speed flames” all over his a** :)

I forgot I was meant to be recording on this one and just scribbled and then started drawing. It took me a couple of moments before I realised, so the beginning doesn’t have the scribble happening. Still I think it worked our fairly well.

So, the doodling games are all about taking a random scribble and playing with it until it says soething recognisable. Like a cat or a monster – or even a monster cat! The real point here is there is no way to do this right. There is also no way to do it wrong. You are free to play with it and enjoy the adventure. You may surprise yourself – I know I always do.

It is a wonderful release from stress to just follow the lines around the page with my hand and watch them form.

I would love to see some of yours! C’mon – share already!! :)

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Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Found this fabulous video using paint to play with images.

I love the effects and it really makes me want to play too! Bring out the paint!!

This qualifies as a great doodling  game! I think pouring a puddle of paint and then dragging it out into shapes is a wonderful creative and relaxing thing to do. Noticing the way the colours mingle and swirl is almost a meditation for me. This is what I would call management of stress!

Have you seen any videos out there with cool doodling in them? Please do share! I would love to see them too.

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Pamela Anderson latest idea for stress relief!

This is a doodle my daughter just drew when she discovered that Pasmela Anderson has management of stress, doodlingbeen picked to play the Virgin Mary in a Canadian Christmas production!

This doodle meaning is nothing more or less than to make me laugh out loud!

It makes more sense when you realise that the person producing this tv special is Russell Peters. It is a marveloud idea – who is the least likely to suit the role? Who will make you gasp with outrage as the Virgin Mary?

It has to be Pamela, doesn’t it?

How to doodle such a thing?

Find an outrageous picture of Pamela with Google, doodle the outlines and add the writing to her outfit.

Then you hand it over to your mother and watch her guffaw!

This is a great management of stress moment!

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Stress: The Child of Procrastination – 5 tips to help!

Here is one of the answers to the questions: What causes stress? and How can you relieve stress?
I want to do it all. Whatever my ‘all’ is at any given moment I want to be able to accomplish it in a timely fashion without any stress or anxiety marring the process. Of course I also want to eat as much chocolate as humanly possible without marring the shape of my ass, and that is just not going to happen. Procrastination usually creeps in and swallows up the good intentions and self-discipline leaving behind a diminished desire to accomplish anything, and rising levels of stress.
doodle meanings, how to doodle
Most of us do not need to ask the question, ‘what causes stress?’ Most of us are painfully aware that we produce a significant amount by overextending our schedules, undermining our abilities which in turn sabotages our progress. By not appropriately managing our resources we put ourselves on the front lines in the war against stress. Then it becomes about the management of stress rather than prevention.

Time Wasters

* Perfectionism – there comes a time when you have to let go and move on. Striving for perfectionism sucks the life out of a project and stirs Continue reading

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How you can relieve stress? Sex!

The average person is making love once a week or less. Seventy-five percent of the population experiences stress at some point in their day to day living. Could there be a connection? Studies show that sex has a direct impact on stress levels; those who engage in the act experience less while those who abstain suffer more.

what is stress reliever, sex

Stress affects us more than we would like to believe. So how can you relieve stress? Whether or not we function within normal parameters or we are living in the danger zone of unhealthy excess, it is wise to take stock on a regular basis, and adjust accordingly. Having a plan in place for the bad days, when stress is more oppressive than productive is essential. Knowing when to intervene with more drastic remedies is only wise. If we remain impassive to our needs, and allow stress to invade our lives we put our health at risk.

How can you relieve stress? Sex vs. Stress

When stress is active our blood pressure rises. Engaging in sex has the opposite effect. Those who make love just once a week tend to have lower blood pressure than those who do Continue reading

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How to doodle…on a Lamborghini!

You always wanted to know how to doodle on your Lamborghini, didn’t you?! Well VOD Cars’ photostream on Flickr has the answer!

how to doodle, doodling games

how to doodle on a car














I wonder how many black Sharpie markers that used up? How many hours?

I cannot say that I think this project would have been stress free or relaxing. I think this would have been an exercise in how to make doodling a stressfull activity! This is not a technique for management of stress at all! Unless perhaps you count the release of having finished and not having messed it up. Sort of like the relief of stopping hitting your head!

Stress relief tip – don’t try this on your car!

I love the finished look though and I wonder if I could pull that off on a car I have – obviously not a lamborghini! hmmmmm. If you have doodled on your car – please do show me a picture!! What was the response you got from the people around you? Did you like the finished effect? Do you have any recommendations?

What else have you doodled on? What is the oddest thing you have doodled on?

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